Friday, May 18

Of Daisys and Bells

Got tones of new sketches, ideas and collections directions (^-^)
The general focus is seacolors next to earth and wood colors, a large scale of pinks (i have NEVER been a pink lover, i was the kind of girls who liked turqouise..but i adore it right know. so fun).
I also combine elements of wood, Gemstones, Ballerina-ish look, picnic bags, bells and transparent fabrics.

I'm seeking for a way to create these clothes and items on the real world, but i don't know where or how to start... Ideas and offers are more than welcome! ->


Home made photos from lmy personal life, filled with good times, bells and jellybeans:





General Inspiration (mainly from tumblr)

# Caught in the-end-of-the-month mood if you know what i mean. i allways get depressed, angry and amazingly hungry. hope that it passes quickly.

# My beloved boyfriend is currently in Poland... he was wandering why i haven't mentioned his exictence on the blog, so here's for you Miki! :)

# There are at least three festivals i plan to go to during this month. I also got a lot ofschool nonsense to do, and i also want to leave some time to make my room cooler.
I mainly wish to enjoy my life more and analyzing less. The greatest hope is "living the life i want to live", meaning going all the way with my talent, idiology and feelings.
I believe that it includes playing guitar printing my artaork on t shirt (still haven't found a place good anough and not too expensive for it).

SPEAKING ON GUITAR: I have just learnt how to play great songs on classic guitar and i feels superb.
i actually learnt  A Rush Of Blood To The Head (i have a conspiracy that it talks about period),  I Want It All, To Binge and In The Flesh

Haven't updates the blog for a while, it is totally a matter of muse...hope that i will do more interesting projects with fun people and 

Have a fanatasticcc weekend, may your life be filled with happiness :)

Friday, March 9

I'm just a tree

vest from second hand store (i sewed th leaves to it), dress and shoes are salso second handed

Photography by my mother

Purim is one of my favorite holdays, i just love looking for ideas for costumes, putting them together and being creative and crazy.
but even though i really love this holiday, somehow it turns out that every year i'm not pleased with my costume. this year i actually liked it :)

I dressed up as a tree, after a lot of second thoughts about being Ziggy Stardust or a Pheonix. I'm happy with my decisian, i think that it's very "me" and i feel that it has a cosmic-druid vibe in it.

On the previous saturday i had a chance to stop by in a great second hand store and found some great items, one of them are the shoes in the photoshoots. i also found a Bjork album (i wanted to get to know her for a while) and a solemate jacket.

Sparkling News
*My tutu skirt is finally finished! 
*I started playing the guitar, and it's been the second week now that i practice like a mad woman songs like wish you were here and man on the moon....

Have some splendid songs for the weekend:

Asaf Avidan- Weak  because i'm just a tree
Kimbra- Settle Down i have a really good idea for a short film with the song


Saturday, March 3

Ritual Union

Things that inspired me during the passed month:

I am writing this post after three super productive weeks. i don't want to use the term "stress" (because it makes me stressful), but there are many things i wish to do, such as studing, preparing for driving lessons and having social life (!!).

I am still working with a group on the project i told you about (the M.E.G-Mind Expending Group).
When i am telling people about the project and it's purpuse iv'e been told that i have "a spark in my eyes". Feels like my life are more meaningful than ever.

Fashion espect: I almost finished the tutu skirt i'm working on, this is the second item i sewed and i'm really excited about it.
Creative espect: i am creating a photo hanger in my room, with a slim rope and the photos are attched to it with clothespins.

My new musical addiction: Little Dragon, Eatliz, Blonde Redhead ו Keren Ann.
To celebrate my difficulties in making decisians, here are two songs that kept me blanced during the passed month:

(I recommend on Twice, Ritual Union, Crystalfilm)

(Long live Channel 8!)

Have the most terrific weekend of your life!
Indieani ♥